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Financial Security Planning Process

Financial security planning is both tactically short- and medium-term; while simultaneously taking the long-term strategic view for retirement; potential critical illness and estate planning.

The Process

It is a process that we engage in mutually as client and financial security advisor, to aim for and achieve your life goals via professional management of your financial affairs. It is a well-rounded interactive process that takes into account all the elements of your entire financial situation. A financial security plan will analyze your finances to identify all the people and/or institutional monetary relationships that often have conflicting objectives.

Goals and Objectives

A financial security plan should address various disciplines of financial planning, including but not limited to the advice we can provide and possible advice that a lawyer and/or accountant can offer in conjunction with your over-all life needs: assessing your capital needs, investment plans, registered investments and taxation, retirement planning, education planning where applicable, as well as any special needs such as planning to care for child dependents.

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